2019 WAMIC Charity Fundraiser

The WAMIC Education/Convention Committee has selected the Summer Camp for Burn Injured Youth as our charity fundraiser for 2019. The fundraiser will kick off at Short Course in May and conclude at the Annual Convention banquet in September. It’s easy to donate:

  • A donation box will be located at the WAMIC registration booth during both events,
  • Complete the online donation form, and:
    • mail a check and a copy of the invoice to the WAMIC office in Deforest
    • pay by credit card by clicking the Pay button on the invoice


This is a great Wisconsin charity helping kids who have survived a fire. Many of us have seen the aftermath of a fire. As insurance professionals, we see the property that is destroyed, and we do our part to help people rebuild. However, very few of us ever see the true toll a fire takes on the survivors. Find out more about the Summer Camp for Burn Injured Youth below:

Mission: We are working to create a fire safe and burn-free Wisconsin by supporting burn survivors, firefighters, and communities. Our mission is to promote, encourage, and foster fire safety, burn prevention, and public safety education.


Our Story: 30 years ago during a fifteen-day period in the City of Milwaukee three fires took the lives of twenty people including seventeen children. These events prompted the Milwaukee Mayor Henry Maier to create a task force to address the fire threat in the city. The task force concluded that education, especially among children, was the key to reducing tragic fires. Their conclusion prompted the creation of the Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety (WAFS), an organization now a part of the PFFWCFThe Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety’s mission, cause and programming became integrated into the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin’s Charitable Foundation in 2015 and continues to have an impact on the lives of Wisconsin residents.

The Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin Charitable Foundation 

(PFFWCF) is a 501(c)(3) public charity working to create a fire-safe and burn-free Wisconsin through programming and support for burn survivors, firefighters, and communities. Your generous and much-needed support makes possible statewide Fire Safety educational programming, helping Wisconsin Fire Fighters better serve their communities, and will support burn survivors of all ages and in all stages of recovery. Including, the upcoming 25th Anniversary of our Summer Camp for Burn Injured Youth or “Burn Camp”Burn Camp is a week-long summer FREE camp for kids ages 7-17 years of age with life-changing burn injuries.

Thank you for your support!