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(not included on dwelling fire, artisans, or commercial polices)

We have partnered with Identify Theft 911 ®, the nation’s leader in identity theft resolution and fraud education to provide expert assistance should your identity be compromised.

Because you insure your primary residence with our company….

This additional service comes at no charge and is effective immediately

Identity theft is the nation’s fastest growing crime destroying the reputation of millions of Americans. Every day, 30,000 people become new victims, and with increasing risk of massive database breaches, it is evident that the problem is more than a financial one.

Fortunately, with this new Identity Fraud Advocacy Services, you as our valued policyholder, will now have automatic unlimited one-on-one access to highly experienced fraud specialist whenever you have a concern about safety of your personal information. When it comes to identity theft, time is of the essence. Receiving professional guidance right from the point of discovery, most often makes filing a claim obsolete.

From the moment you call, you will be assigned a fraud specialist who does all the work for you in restoring your good name so you don’t have to struggle on your own. Your fraud specialist will guide you through the complicated resolution process from start to finish, and will even follow up months after resolution is complete.

Identity Fraud Advocacy services includes:

  1. Expert Identity Theft Resolution Assistance and ongoing education
  2. Identification Recovery Assistance to help

In addition, should you incur “out of pocket” expenses in the process of restoring your identity, we include up to $1000 in coverage through our Identity Fraud Expense Coverage endorsement at no additional charge. Contact your local agent if you would like to purchase a higher limit of coverage for Identity Fraud Expense Coverage.

If you suspect your identity has been compromised or need immediate Identification Recovery assistance, call us to be referred to a personal advocate from Identity Theft 911 ®.

We value your business and the confidence you have placed with us.

(Wisconsin Reinsurance Company)

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